What Should You Do With Your Alcoholics Anonymous Chips? A Guide

What Should You Do With Your Alcoholics Anonymous Chips? A Guide

Do you recall the moment you received your first AA token? For most AA members, getting that token is a special moment; it represents a big positive turning point in their lives.

Perhaps that moment is a relatively recent point in your life. And while you treasure this new symbol of sobriety, you might be wondering how best to appreciate and use this token of your strength in your everyday life.

Inspired by the millions of AA members worldwide, here are some of the best ideas on what to do with each of your Alcoholics Anonymous chips.

To Celebrate a Milestone

Chips are the traditional way of celebrating an anniversary or sobriety milestone on the Alcoholics Anonymous program.

If you know a recovering alcoholic, a custom token made in a particular metal or with a personal message is a thoughtful way to recognize their achievement.  

Tell Your Story

Inspire others by using your token as a prop when sharing your story. People who have recently started their journey to sobriety will value the account of others who have walked the same path. 

Turn Them into Jewelry

Some Alcoholics Anonymous members are discreet with their tokens. Still, many people are happy wearing their heart on their sleeve, or in this case, their coin on a necklace.

You can turn your token into many jewelry items or even attach them to your belt if you prefer. If you feel pride in your sobriety, state your achievement with a custom jewelry piece.

Create a Display

Perhaps you prefer to keep your chips hidden away in a drawer or your wallet. Some AA members choose to do this, and it's a very personal decision for every individual.

However, if you want to showcase your chips, you can create a customized wall display at home.

That might include framing each chip to create a gallery wall or buying a large display cabinet to hold your tokens.

If the latter, find something that you can expand as you continue on your journey and one that has a special place for the big milestone tokens.

Create a Positive Habit Reminder

Read any tips on creating positive daily habits in your life, and they will all tell you one thing. Good habits start with a trigger or a reminder.

There are even apps that will send you little notifications to do your daily meditation, drink water, or go for a run. But how about something that you can touch and feel?

Physical reminders are often the best. You can turn your Alcoholics Anonymous coins into something transformational. Use them as a reminder to do something positive in your life each time you see or touch one.

Perhaps that's something as simple as calling your mom or best friend. Maybe it's a trigger to say a kind word to the next person you meet. 

How Will You Use Your Alcoholics Anonymous Chips?

Will you opt to display your Alcoholics Anonymous chips for the world to admire? Or will you use them to pay forward that recovery support to another person in need?

There is no correct answer. But this article should give you plenty of ideas to help you make a decision. Don't forget to browse our wide selection of tokens to help inspire you.