What Are the Alcoholics Anonymous Promises? What You Should Know

What Are the Alcoholics Anonymous Promises? What You Should Know

Did you know that there are not only twelve steps involved with AA but also twelve promises? While most people have heard of twelve steps, the promises are not heard of as often, even if you may recognize them individually.

If you're interested in what the alcoholics' anonymous promises are, grab a cup of coffee and keep reading. 

What Are the Alcoholics Anonymous Promises? 

For many individuals who struggle with abusing alcohol, the road can feel long. For these individuals, the twelve promises act as a light at the end of the tunnel. 

When you can't see your way forward, and you are in the throes of addiction, here is your hope. These promises need to get worked towards. 

However, if you are willing to do the work, you can see fulfillment from these promises. Whether it takes attending alcoholics anonymous online or googling "alcoholics anonymous near me." There is support for those who want to see these promises become a reality. 

Promise One

This promise is about finding freedom and happiness. 

It's all about freeing yourself from the burdens that come with addiction and alcohol. Once you are free from those burdens, you will feel happy because of the relief. 

Promise Two

This promise is about not regretting the past.  

You can learn from your past. Promise two is about forgiving yourself and moving forward, and learning from your past in order for it to shape you into a better person. 

Promise Three

Promise three is about the ability to understand what serenity means. 

This promise ties in deeply with the fourth promise. 

Promise Four

Promise four is about knowing peace. 

Promises three and four connect because once you can comprehend what serenity is to you, from that knowledge, you will have the ability to find true peace. 

Promise Five

Here we are looking at the knowledge that no matter how "far down the scale you have gone," your experience can help others. 

Have you ever felt super low and useless? This promise dives into that feeling and says, yeah, you've made mistakes and hit bottom; however, you're still valuable, and you can use your experience to help others. 

Promise Six

Promise six looks at feeling useless and feeling self-pity. It essentially means: 

When you can help others and see that you have the ability to help them, you will stop feeling useless, and your self-pity will go away.

Promise Seven

This promise is about losing interest in things that are selfish and gaining interest in others. 

Promise seven looks at the fact that addiction is selfish. In the rages of addiction, you push away the people you love. This is all about a shift in perspective. 

Who is out there that you can help instead of focusing on your own pain? 

Promise Eight

This promise also ties into the previous promise. It's about allowing your self-seeking to slip away. 

Promise eight is about knowing your place in the big scheme of life and making room for other people instead of selfish habits. 

Promise Nine

Promise nine is all about a new attitude and outlook on life. 

This process is about the natural outcome of sobriety. As you maintain your sobriety, you will have a healthier outlook on life and a healthier attitude. 

Promise Ten

This promise is about having the ability to handle your responsibilities. Because you are sober and not hiding from your actions, you are able to better manage your life and finances. 

Promise Eleven

Promise eleven is all about clarity. As you are sober, you will have the ability to trust your instincts and understand things that in the past confused you. 

Promise Twelve

In AA, a higher power is something that many members recognize, even if not referencing the Judeo-Christian version of God. Promise twelve is about allowing that higher power or something that is bigger than you, guide you. 

It is about giving up control in order to regain control. 

Have Hope With Promises

As you move towards sobriety, you can have hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel with the alcoholics' anonymous promises. 

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