Top Benefits of Recovery Coins

Top Benefits of Recovery Coins

Top Benefits of Recovery Coins

If you or someone you care for is in recovery, progress is something that should be celebrated. Discover what makes recovery coins a great token in this post.

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While there are plenty of paths to recovery, Stanford found that Alcoholics Anonymous remains the most effective way to get -- and stay -- sober.

Every sobriety group should have a way to celebrate its members and their daily triumph over alcohol. That's where recovery coins come in.

To learn more about why these little tokens play such a big role in helping AA members remain sober, be sure to keep reading. We're breaking down some of the most significant ways that recovery coins can benefit your support group.

An Incentive and Sign of Progress

Addiction is so powerful that it rewires the brain, targeting the areas that affect feelings of pleasure and cravings. Suffice to say, recovering addicts often feel as though every day is like climbing Mt. Everest.

But what's a mountain climbing expedition without checkpoints that show your progress?

Imagine the power you'll feel receiving your 1-year recovery coin, knowing that you've overcome even the toughest of days.

Custom recovery coins are so much more than trinkets. They're a symbol of how far you've come on your journey, and can serve as an incentive of what you're working towards.

A Reminder During Hard Moments

Attend enough AA meetings, and you'll start to hear similar stories from long-term recovering addicts. Tales of temptation in the dead of night, or of a little voice in the back of your mind telling you that one drink can't possibly hurt.

Rest assured, temptation comes for everyone. It's precisely during these moments that a gentle reminder of your progress, such as AA recovery coins, can provide that extra strength you need to break past those negative thoughts.

Physically holding a recovery coin in your hand and focusing on its texture and message is a way of grounding yourself. Grounding is a technique used by mental healthcare professionals that aims to break a person out of spiraling negative thoughts (including temptation) and bring them back into the moment.

Having that reminder nearby when you need it the most could just help you stay sober.

Peer Appreciation and Support

No matter how strong you are, it's impossible to remain sober without an iron-clad support system. Having a helpful peer group who can identify with your struggles and offer advice and comfort is an invaluable benefit of attending AA.

But not all moments are going to be dark. That same support system will help you celebrate your sober journey and the fantastic progress you're making.

There's nothing quite like the pride you'll feel after receiving custom recovery coins from those who have taken the journey with you.

The Power of Recovery Coins

Recovery coins hold so much more power than it may initially seem. They represent a great deal of hard work and dedication, acting as a memento of your ability to withstand pressure and illustrating that you're not alone.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can create or purchase recovery coins for your group, be sure to get in touch today. Our shop offers a wide variety of chips, perfect for any group.