The Top Sobriety Tokens & Gifts for Recovery

The Top Sobriety Tokens & Gifts for Recovery

Are you or a loved one on a journey toward sobriety? You're not alone. Studies show that in 2017 alone, 19.7 million American adults were battling a substance use disorder.

For many on their road to recovery, personal sobriety tokens help motivate them to move forward. Whether it's a sobriety coin, chip, or medallion, these small treasures signify strength and dedication.

If you're looking for sobriety tokens to honor yourself or a loved one, this article can help. For our top AA tokens and sobriety gifts, read on for our basic gift guide. 

1. AA Medallions

One of the most popular sobriety chips for those in recovery is an AA medallion. This form of recognition has been a favorite among members of AA for decades. 

In 1889, a religious nun and one of AA's most notable advocates named Sister Mary Ignatia worked with doctors to help addiction patients. It is said that after patients left the care of doctors, Sister Ignatia provided them with a token of congratulations. 

Today, these are known as medallions. For each milestone in a recovery journey, different medallions serve as a reminder of the achievement. There are medallions to commemorate 24 hours of sobriety, one year of sobriety, and more. 

Whether you're just starting out with sobriety or are looking to reflect on a longer journey, this is a top option. 

2. Affirmation Coins

Another unique gift and token of sobriety is an affirmation token. Affirmation tokens serve as a reminder to continue forward on a sobriety journey when faced with obstacles or roadblocks. 

For example, one popular affirmation coin represents acceptance, courage, and wisdom. The front of this coin has a "Grateful I'm Not Dead" statement and looks beautiful in gold, silver, and aluminum. 

Affirmation coins are also available for sponsors. One of the most popular options features a delicate yellow rose with the quote "With Gratitude and Thanks." This is one of the most heartfelt and unique ways to honor a sponsor. 

3. Custom Tokens

If you're looking for a coin, chip, or medallion with a personalized message, custom tokens are another popular gift. 

Do you or your loved one in recovery often refer to an inspirational quote, word, or symbol? Consider adding it onto a beautiful bronze coin to display or carry around. Many people also choose to personalize their custom coins with bright colors like aqua, blue, or purple. 

4. Sobriety Tokens Display Case

If you collect AA chips, AA medallions, and AA coins, you know that these sobriety tokens are worthy of being on display. One of our top gifts for your sobriety tokens is a display case.

Display cases offer a beautiful place to commemorate a difficult yet meaningful journey. We recommend a wooden case that can be posted on the wall or placed on a table for all to see. You might also consider a glass case or metal holder. 

Gift the Gift of Motivation Today

With sobriety tokens of all kinds, you or a loved one can commemorate a meaningful journey toward a happier and healthier lifestyle. To secure your unique sobriety tokens, click here to shop our sale today.