Sober Dating: 5 Ways to Talk to a New Partner About Being Sober and Attending AA

Sober Dating: 5 Ways to Talk to a New Partner About Being Sober and Attending AA

After getting sober, experts recommend remaining single for the first year. This new journey introduces people to personal struggles that require their full attention.

However, most people do not want to live alone forever. When you decide it's time to begin dating again, a new set of challenges will present themselves. 

How do you incorporate another person into your sober journey? Read on to learn five ways you can talk with your new partner about being sober.

1. Bring It up Early

Bringing up this conversation may make you feel anxious. It means admitting you struggled with alcoholism.

This makes you very vulnerable. What if this pushes them away?

If it does, then this person is not for you. You deserve somebody who loves every part of you.

The right person won't run away when they learn how you improved your life. You are better off learning their character now.

2. Open up With Honesty 

Talk openly and honestly about your journey. This does not mean that you need to share details you do not feel ready to divulge.

But do tell them that you struggled with alcohol. Explain what pulled you towards sobriety.

You will feel better not having skeletons in the closet. Plus, opening up helps form bonds.

3. Explain Your Triggers

Dating somebody who does not struggle with alcoholism or attend AA may seem really difficult. They may not understand your sober lifestyle.

Help them know you better by explaining your triggers to alcoholism. This will help them navigate situations with you.

It may even alleviate some anxiety they have about knowing what to do and not to do around you. They can also avoid accidentally driving you towards drinking.

4. Create Sober Living Boundaries

You want a relationship to enhance your life. This means that your partner must support your sober journey.

Can your partner drink alcohol? The relationship may work better if they abstain, especially in the early years of your recovery.

If they do not want to give up drinking completely, ask them not to during your time together. Set clear boundaries about this to create a safe space for you.

You should not enter into a relationship with an alcoholic. If you notice signs of this, encourage them to get help on their own before entering into a relationship with you.

5. Introduce Them to Alcoholics Anonymous

Tell your new partner about your AA attendance and what it means to you since it is such a major part of your life now. Tell them what happens at the meetings and how it helps you stay sober.

Give them Alcoholics Anonymous literature so that they can explore this topic on their own. You might even invite them to join you at meetings, even if they never experienced a problem with alcohol.

Being Sober Together Feels Amazing

Being sober enhanced your life. Now, living a sober life with another person will feel amazing! With your newfound power, you have so much to give and get from a healthy relationship!

Are you looking for AA meetings to attend with your new partner? Start by attending an online meeting together!