Silver Moon Dangle Necklace with AA Charm
Silver Moon Dangle Necklace with AA Charm

Silver Moon Dangle Necklace with AA Charm

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A unique moon design necklace featuring a signature AA logo for support and confidence in your recovery.
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Silver Moon Dangle AA Charm Necklace

Having a reminder of the path you’ve chosen can be an excellent way to build self-confidence and give you hope for the future. This Silver Moon Dangle Necklace with AA Charm is a great choice for those who want to carry an AA charm with them, but also want an accessory that will look good with their whole wardrobe.

This truly unique piece of jewelry is a subtle reminder that you are always supported on your road to recovery. The simple AA logo incorporated into the design helps you to feel part of a community, with the light silver-tone detailing leaving a subtle impression on the piece. The rest of the necklace comprises a unique moon design, formed from a silver toned background and intricate silver toned detailing layered over the top.

The necklace hangs gracefully from a matching silver chain measuring 18 inches long. This is a medium length chain, but it can be adjusted a little by putting the clasp further up the chain. You can style it for any occasion, from a statement piece for an event to a more casual piece for day to day wear.

  • A unique piece with intricate details
  • AA logo charm
  • Silver-toned with dark detailing
  • Lightweight 18-inch chain

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