One Day at a Time: A Sobriety Bracelet Is a Perfect Gift for Recovering Alcoholics

One Day at a Time: A Sobriety Bracelet Is a Perfect Gift for Recovering Alcoholics

A Sobriety Bracelet Is a Perfect Gift for Recovering Alcoholics

Help recovering alcoholics stay sober by providing a daily reminder of their strength. A sobriety bracelet is the perfect gift to take it one day at a time.

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Approximately 18 million Americans have some type of alcohol use disorder. It contributes to myriad personal and professional problems, not to mention serious health risks.

For someone dealing with alcoholism, recovery is a challenging, ongoing process. They use various tools to commemorate and remind them of different levels of success. Alcoholics Anonymous coins are perhaps the best known of these.

There are many other options as well, including a sobriety bracelet. These can make great gifts for loved ones who are in different stages of recovery. Keep reading to find out more about the meaning, as well as the different buying options available.

Why Is Recovery Jewelry Important?

Symbols have meaning. Recovery jewelry is an outward symbol that acts both as a reminder and a sign of one’s journey.

Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as many other community and professional treatment programs, teach recovery through steps. An AA bracelet can be a tangible, daily reminder of this process.

Symbols are also personal. Consider religious emblems in a place of worship or an heirloom passed down from a deceased loved one. These can mean the world to one person while very little or nothing at all to someone else.

Recovery jewelry is also an outward symbol of a person’s commitment to sobriety. Wearing something on your person is distinct from a coin that you can put in your pocket or a personal journal that no one sees. (Though these have their own function and significance.)

At the same time, jewelry can also be subtle and stylish. It allows the wearer to express that they are in recovery without going overboard. It can also have no outward symbols of recovery at all, allowing the wearer to decide how much they divulge in any conversations about the bracelet. 

Finally, it is easy to see how giving someone jewelry as sobriety gifts can be quite meaningful, providing addiction recovery support. It is a recognition from their friend or loved one that they support them in their journey to sober living.

Notable Features of a Sobriety Bracelet

There are many different kinds of sobriety bracelets. You can find them in distinct styles and colors.

They can come in the form of stylish metal or wire jewelry, complete with stones or jewels, or more casual leather, rope, or fabrics. You can personalize them with specific statements, such as the “serenity prayer," “one day at a time,” or more simply sentiments, like “hope” and “courage.”

Finally, you can find sobriety bracelets at almost any price point. If you are looking for a jewelry-type bracelet for a special occasion, they are available. There also are more modestly-priced ones that can fit almost anyone’s budget.

Shop for a Sobriety Bracelet Today

Now that you understand how a sobriety bracelet can be a meaningful gift from someone recovering from alcohol addiction, you can decide it if is the right choice for your friend or loved one. With so many options available, it is easy to find one that fits your style and your budget.

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