How to Find the Root Causes of Addiction Problems

Addiction is a complex and complicated issue. What are the causes of addiction and can understanding it help not only treat but prevent this condition?

To be defined as an addict, a person must be compelled to seek out whatever they're addicted to despite any negative consequences. The typical image is of someone who is addicted to drinking or other illegal substances, but addiction can take many forms, including food and sex.

Understanding the underlying causes can be part of prevention, treatment, and long-term management. Let's look at the causes to learn more about this condition.

Need for Escape

Addiction is a way for people to escape from something that's bothering them in their life. It can be anything from feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage or as a way to cope with PTSD.

Being honest with yourself and reaching out for help can put these negative experiences into perspective. Running away from your problems doesn't make them go away, it just creates more.

Mental Health Issues

Dealing with mental health issues can present a risk of addiction. Both unaddressed mental health concerns and their treatments can lead to addiction depending on the circumstances.

Those with unaddressed mental illness might try to self-medicate with harmful substances. Depending on the prescription, some drugs used to treat mental illness can eventually become addicted if the patient isn't careful.

Family and Addiction

There is research that suggests that substance abuse issues can be caused by genetic factors. Regardless, the actions your family modeled for you growing up can affect the way you feel about addiction.

Parents, siblings, or other family members that were addicted demonstrate that drugs, alcohol and more aren't a big deal and therefore not as taboo. For those that grew up in this kind of environment, writing in a journal to their past self can help address their feelings around addiction.

Childhood trauma and abuse can speed up an addiction. They start seeking out substances earlier in life and use it more as a coping method than as a social activity.

An Addictive Personality

Certain personality traits lend themselves to addiction. If you see these traits together in a group, they could be the root cause of addiction that you're looking for.

Feelings of anger, low self esteem, difficulty in delaying gratification, and seeking out attention, either positive or negative, are all signs that could point to possible reasons for substance abuse. Other personality traits include antisocial behavior, having problems maintaining relationships, and feeling isolated.

Defining the Causes of Addiction

Dealing with substance abuse problems is never easy. It's a long journey, but it's worth it, and starting with defining the root causes of addiction can be the key to overcoming it.

Conquering addiction of any kind is a worthwhile goal. Knowing what sparks it can help you gain perspective on the nature of the addiction since each one is different.

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