How to Create a Sober Living Environment at Home

How to Create a Sober Living Environment at Home

A study found that those who have stayed sober for five years have an 85% chance of staying sober. This means those small milestones, in the beginning, are the building blocks for the rest of your alcohol-free life. To help you on your path, it's essential that you implement sober living techniques where you live.

If you're ready for a healthy life, continue reading to learn what you can implement at home to protect your sobriety.

Make it Easy for You to Attend Alcoholics Anonymous

AA attendance can be a predictor of long-term sobriety. However, people only permanently adopt habits that require minimal effort. Just as you might wear workout clothes to ensure that you complete your morning run, so too must you make tweaks to your life that will enable you to attend with ease.   

One way to do this is by making sure you live near your desired AA meeting place, if possible. Another way to ensure you go is by pairing it with something you already do or enjoy doing daily. For example, if you love bike riding, make that your mode of transport to your meetings, and you'll be sure to attend.

Implement a Routine

A critical part of sober living is by creating and following a routine. Your routine should make time for self-care, and no act is too small. For example, if you are prone to letting care for yourself slide, include any grooming habits to reincorporate them into your alcohol-free life. Another key part of your routine should focus on keeping your home in order.

Designate different times for tidying up, paying bills, and grocery shopping. These life activities can give your day purpose and keep your home healthy. If you live with others, it is a good idea to bring them on board with your new routine. 

And if you have a spouse, partner, or children, incorporating everyone's daily schedule into one master calendar will keep you in the loop of the lives of your loved ones. 

Another vital part of your routine is acknowledging and celebrating your journey with tokens. There are tokens that mark everything from 24 hours sober to 20 or more years. Every time you pass a milestone, consider honoring it with a tactile memento to keep you on the sober path.

Do a Deep Clean and Let Go

This is one of the sober living tips that you can do right away, and it offers the most immediate reward. Take some time to give your living space the TLC it needs. While cleaning, be sure to purge your home of any reminders of your addiction to drinking, including alcohol, wine or shot glasses, bartending equipment, and any other less obvious triggers.

Entertaining in a Sober Environment

There is a multitude of ways for you, your friends, and your family to gather and have fun sober. In fact, the amount of sober activities far outnumber things to do with alcohol. Consider hosting a movie night, complete with everyone's favorite theatre snacks and plenty of comfy pillows. 

If you're hosting a BBQ and your crew usually expects a cocktail station or a cooler full of beer, instead opt for make-your-own-soda stations or frozen beverages without the booze. Most people are content with just about any cold beverage in their hands. Also, don't forget; a great soundtrack does wonders for loosening up a group.

Sober Living at Home Is Possible With the Right Support

With these essential measures in place, sober living is attainable in your own home. However, if you're still unsure if your home is safe, you can ask a close friend or sponsor to go through it with you to point out any other changes you can make. And remember, having community support is another integral part of maintaining your sober life, so make sure you lean on others in times of need.

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