How Service Helps Through the AA Steps

How Service Helps Through the AA Steps

In the United States, Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) affects thousands of people. Across America, around 140,557 people die from the effects of alcohol every year.

Luckily, many alcoholics find recovery through a 12-step program called Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Together, they can support one another while working the steps.

Many alcoholics going through AA recovery find a passion for helping others. This is where the importance of service comes into the recovery process.

If you're struggling with excessive alcohol intake, this article may provide some insight. Keep reading to learn how service helps through the AA steps.

What Is Service in Alcoholics Anonymous?

In Alcoholics Anonymous, there are 12 steps of recovery that every member is encouraged to complete. The 12 steps address:

  • The addiction itself
  • How it's made life unmanageable
  • An acceptance of a God of your understanding
  • Taking personal inventory to identify your shortcomings that led to addiction
  • Making amends with people whom you wronged
  • Being of service to other alcoholics seeking recovery

Types of Service in AA

Service in AA can take many forms, meaning everyone working the 12 steps can find a place to make a difference in someone else's life. Here are some of the most common acts of service in AA.

Being a Sponsor

The relationship between a sponsor and a sponsee is one of the most important in the 12-step recovery process. A sponsor provides guidance, support, and accountability and helps the sponsee to stay on track with their recovery. The sponsee, in turn, offers their sponsor gratitude and support and helps to keep them motivated in their own recovery.

Chairing a Meeting

Every AA meeting has several service members working together to make the meeting happen. The chairperson is responsible for leading the meeting and ensuring it runs smoothly. They also ensure that everyone has a chance to share and that the meeting stays on track.

Meeting New Members

Even someone working their way through the steps can serve others in AA recovery, such as greeting newbies attending their first AA meeting. Greeters are there to welcome new members and explain how everything works. They can also help new members find a seat and introduce them to others in the meeting.

Other Service Positions in AA

The services discussed in this article are not the only ways addicts can display their passion for helping others in recovery. Some of the other service positions available are:

Coffee and Tea Custodian: This person is responsible for setting up and breaking down the coffee station at each meeting

Working the AA Helpline: This person answers calls from people struggling with addiction and provides them with support and resources

Literature Distributor: This person distributes AA literature to meetings and other locations

Put Your Passion for Helping Others Into Action

Service is an integral part of the recovery process in Alcoholics Anonymous. It can help recovering addicts stay sober, give them a sense of purpose, and make a difference in the lives of others. If you're struggling with alcohol addiction, consider getting involved in service in AA. It could be the best thing you ever do for yourself and others.

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