Silver Hope Necklace
Silver Hope Necklace

Silver Hope Necklace

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Hope is integral to any journey to recovery. Our Silver Hope Necklace will serve as a constant reminder to have hope and faith!
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Stainless Steel Hope Necklace

Hope is one of the main things that many of us bear at the forefront of our minds throughout our journey to recovery. Anything is possible with a little bit of hope, but it can often be hard to feel hopeful about the future when you are on a path like this. This Silver Hope Necklace offers a reminder to be confident in yourself no matter the challenges you face.

The necklace is a minimalistic piece that can be worn on all occasions and to all sorts of plans and events. It is crafted in an italic typeface and appealing font, with a large pendant featuring the word “Hope” in thick lettering. The metal used for this necklace has been treated to make it dark and shiny, giving it an appealing appearance that will look great with both informal and formal attire.

The pendant comes with an 18" stainless steel chain, offering a piece that won’t tarnish over time and will be plenty long enough to fit most people. A heavy clasp holds the necklace in place, making it easy to put the piece on by yourself. This necklace can be adjusted slightly by using different chain links for the clasp.

  • Large Hope pendant
  • 18-inch stainless steel chain
  • Darkened metal finish

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