Busting Myths About Addiction

Busting Myths About Addiction

Around 11.7% of Americans over the age of 12 have used drugs in the last month. Sadly, many of these drug users will go on to become addicts. Unfortunately, many drug users believe myths about addiction. 

So what are some of the drug myths people should be aware of? This article lists four of the most prominent misconceptions. 

It's Not Just About Willpower

One of the biggest addiction myths is that it's all about willpower. Some people think that if they're strong-willed, they won't get addicted to drugs or alcohol. 

The reality is that anyone can become an addict. You don't know how drug use will affect you until it's too late. Of course, there are some people who can take hard drugs like heroin or cocaine and never develop a serious addiction. This certainly isn't true for everyone. Almost everyone who uses drugs thinks they won't get addicted, but a huge proportion of those people do end up addicted. 

"Soft Drugs" Are Not Dangerous

Some people make a distinction between "hard" drugs like cocaine or heroin and "soft" drugs like cannabis. While cannabis is certainly less dangerous than cocaine, that doesn't mean there are no risks. 

One of the biggest marijuana myths is that it's not addictive. In reality, it's quite easy to become a habitual everyday user of cannabis. This kind of cannabis use can also lead to people trying harder stuff. The majority of serious drug users started off with cannabis. 

You Can Be Cured of Addiction

Another one of the most common substance abuse myths is that you can be totally cured of drug or alcohol addiction. In reality, the addiction never really goes away. You just stop using drugs and alcohol. 

If you used to use drugs every day, you can't be cured of your addiction completely. If you used to be addicted, you can never go back to moderate use. As an addict, you'll need to avoid drugs or alcohol for the rest of your life. 

Some Addicts Can Never Get Their Lives Back on Track

One of the biggest myths about treatment is that some addicts are beyond help. In reality, anyone who is a drug addict has the capacity to change, no matter how bad their addiction is. 

For most addicts, there is some kind of underlying mental health condition that prevents them from getting clean. A good rehab program will help to treat the addiction by addressing these mental problems as well. 

A major issue with many drug treatment programs is that they simply get people off drugs and alcohol, but they don't address mental health concerns. A holistic approach is the only way to correctly treat drug addiction. 

Beware of These Myths About Addiction

Getting clean from drugs or alcohol can be a complicated process. That's why you need to beware of these myths about addiction. If you truly want to get clean, you should work with a well-regarded rehab center. 

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