What to Expect From Being One Year Sober

What to Expect From Being One Year Sober

If you've got or are on the cusp of earning your 365-day token, congratulations! 

Hitting the one year sober milestone is something to be proud of. The first twelve months of sobriety can be very difficult, but what should you expect in the aftermath?

Well, for one, your odds of staying sober improve dramatically. An eight-year study showed that less than half of those who achieved a year of sobriety relapsed. That number continued to tumble as time went on...

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How to Stay Sober at Social Events

As the spring turns to summer, social events begin to take precedence in our lives.

We'll get to cherish time with loved ones and friends while creating brand new memories.

But for many in recovery, social events are synonymous with stress. But being sober doesn't need to be equated with being a shut-in. In fact, going out and being social can be beneficial to your mental well-being!

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7 Lessons to Learn From Alcohol Awareness Month This Year

April 2017 marks 30 years since the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence sponsored Alcohol Awareness Month to raise public awareness and reduce the stigma of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems. This year's theme, "Connecting the Dots: Opportunities for Recovery," was about the education and prevention of alcoholism—particularly among youth—and the role parents play in helping kids understand the impact of alcohol.
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Get One Step Closer to Embracing a Sober Lifestyle

When overcoming an alcohol addiction, there are several steps that you can take each day to improve your life. Discover how to embrace a sober lifestyle today.
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8 Incredible Health Benefits of Living Sober

Sobriety is all about gaining a new perspective on life. Living sober means increased health. It means you're at a great place in life!
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Fight Addiction Through Meditation

The claws of addiction dig deep.

No matter what your drug of choice is, your brain has undergone changes due to substance use and abuse.

As a result, you try to fight addiction only to come full circle to the same point (or worse) you were in before.

But if only abstaining was enough to set yourself on the path to healing. If that were the case, treatment centers would be empty and meetings would become unnecessary.

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What to Get on Your Personalized AA Medallions

Going through AA is one of the most personal and intense experiences you can go through.  You may feel alone at times, but anyone going through the program should know that they're in good company.
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What it Means to Earn an AA Chip

Earning an Alcoholics Anonymous chip is no easy feat. It may seem like mile markers to those who are not in the program. It may seem laughable to take it everywhere with you. 

Yet, this all comes down to you.

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