Alcohol and Exercise: How Exercise Can Help You Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol and Exercise: How Exercise Can Help You Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Everyone has an addiction to something. That addiction may be videogames, collecting food, or alcohol.

When you crave something, it is hard to quit. Still, when you want it bad enough, you somehow do it.

Whether you are on your own or have a unit supporting you, baby steps are the key.

20 million Americans struggle with alcohol addiction, but only 10% get treated. When you think about alcohol and exercise, you may notice working out provides you a new high.

Rather than resorting to alcohol when you are emotionally shaken, exercise helps in relieving that stress. 

It's possible to replace bad habits. Read on to learn how. Exercise will have you putting away the bottle -- unless its water. 

Alcohol and Exercise

There is a reason a lot of professional alcohol rehabilitation centers incorporate exercise as part of the program. It helps many addicts reduce their alcohol intake and even eliminate it completely for those in sobriety

Exercise allows a person to focus their minds on something else. Thoughts on cravings and even withdrawal symptoms are redirected for the better. 

The best thing about working out is that it is accessible to anyone anywhere. There is no gym, trainer, or equipment you need unless you want it. You can get fit on your own at home or make use of the outdoors. 

Having a complete workout regime from the start, let alone sticking to it, is not always possible.

Taking it slow and finding what interests you will be your best bet. When you like something, you are motivated to stick to it and keep doing it.  

Whether you enjoy running, pilates, dancing, weight training, or yoga, find what you can enjoy.

It may seem like a task at first, but you will notice how addicting it becomes and how good you feel. 

Rewarding Yourself 

It's an amazing accomplishment to drink less than you used to. Every alcohol addict who wants to get rid of their drinking problems will have different goals. The time it takes to reach these goals will also vary. 

Making milestones on reducing your intake is more possible and believable to accomplish. The sole goal is not to completely quit drinking or stop getting drunk. But it is an ultimate goal that should be looked at as a long term goal. 

When you hit a milestone or reach your personal goal, you should reward yourself. Purchasing gifts for yourself that that remind you how far you have come in your journey is a perfect way to celebrate. 

Getting recovery coins for each period of success is one of the many wonderful gift ideas to give yourself. 

It also lets others be aware of your personal victory and potentially motivate others like you. 

Ending Alcohol Addiction 

Remember that you are not alone in your recovery to addition. There are people who are rooting for your success.

Your family and friends, as well as people who want to see you succeed, are rooting for you.  

If you are having a hard time with alcohol addiction, going to rehabilitation may help you the most.

Many alcohol addicts find it helpful to go to meetings and speak with other addicts. There are even online AA meetings you can attend if traveling is tough. 

If you have any questions regarding these meetings and joining, contact us. We can help you with your self-gifting plans too.