AA Meeting Format: What Are the Different Types of AA Meetings?

AA Meeting Format: What Are the Different Types of AA Meetings?

Help is coming your way. A 2020 meta-analysis of 27 studies found that AA meetings create long-term recovery solutions for alcohol use disorder. 

If you want to come free from alcohol, you need to consider AA. But you shouldn't go to a meeting just yet. You should understand the AA meeting format and what different types of AA meetings are like. 

Is there a meeting format in AA that all meetings must follow? What information can you get in each meeting? What are meetings for beginners like? 

Answer these questions and you can start your journey to recovery today. Here is your quick guide.

Discussion Meetings

A discussion meeting is what many people think of when they hear about types of AA meetings. An AA member serves as the chair, and they lead a discussion about AA literature. They can also open the floor and allow others to discuss their experiences and feelings. 

There are no AA meeting formats and readings that all chairs must follow. Nearly all chairs begin by introducing themselves, and most proceed to recite prayers and the AA Preamble. But some chairs may get right into the discussion, or they may allow new members to introduce themselves. 

Literature Meetings

Literature meetings are similar to discussion meetings in that both center around literature. However, a literature meeting involves reading documents for the first time. 

The chair will ask the group to read AA literature aloud. Each member will read a passage and then pass the book to the next person in the circle. Once the reading is done, the attendees can talk about what they learned. 

Some literature meetings are open to the public, allowing anyone to contribute to the conversation. Others are closed or not for beginners, meaning that only people in the late stages of a 12-step program can contribute.

Speaker Meetings

During a speaker meeting, the chair asks a member to discuss their experiences with alcohol abuse disorder. They can describe what their life was like before they joined AA. They give the reasons for why they joined and how they are doing now. 

After the member speaks, the other attendees can talk about what they just heard. They can share their own stories if they would like. 

A few AA groups invite speakers from outside the group to come in and talk. But most groups like to use the stories of their own members to create trust and intimacy within the group.

If you're new to AA, you can try out speaker meetings. The meetings give you opportunities to learn from others and figure out if AA is right for you. 

The AA Meeting Format

Many people assume there is an AA meeting format that everyone must follow. In reality, there are a few different formats. 

A lot of AA meetings are discussion meetings. A chair acts as a moderator, calling on members and allowing them to express their thoughts on things. 

You can also attend literature meetings and read books about alcohol recovery. Beginners may be able to attend speaker meetings and hear accounts of alcohol recovery and treatment. 

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