AA Chip Colors: What do They Mean?

AA Chip Colors: What do They Mean?

AA Chip Colors: What do They Mean?

AA chips define strength from your recovery journey. Learn the meaning of AA chip colors and how they represent progress in your journey!

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Embarking on the journey to sobriety can often feel like an endless road with no clear destination. However, for members of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) community, there are tangible tokens of progress and milestones achieved along the way.

These tokens come in the form of colorful medallions known as AA chips. Follow along as we explore the powerful meanings behind AA chip colors and their significance for those in recovery.

What Are AA Chips?

AA chips are also known as "sobriety tokens." You typically receive them as part of a 12-step program for being sober for a certain number of months. They celebrate the amazing accomplishments of individuals in recovery.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of AA chips is that when someone receives one, it brings a sense of joy and motivation to continue their journey toward sobriety. They also serve as reminders of the challenges they have overcome and their success. 

How Do AA Chips Work?

The chips serve as sober milestones. When individuals achieve certain lengths of sobriety, they receive different colored chips to mark their accomplishments. For example, a 24-hour chip commemorates the first day of sobriety, while a one-year chip represents a year of continuous sobriety.

Types of AA Chips

There are 14 main types of AA chips. You typically receive them after certain milestones, such as one month sober, six months sober, etc. After a year of sobriety, you typically only receive AA chips annually.

More than the significance that each color indicates, you'll find different types of materials used for AA chips. This includes aluminum, plastic, bronze, and more.

Understanding AA Chip Colors

So, what's the deal with AA chip colors? The color of an AA chip represents the number of months a person has remained sober. It marks important milestones along the way.

Here are the different colors and their corresponding timeframes (all timeframes denote the length of sobriety):

  • White: Given when you join a new AA group or renew a commitment to sobriety
  • Silver: 24 hours 
  • Red: 30 days
  • Gold: 60 days
  • Green: 90 days
  • Purple: 4 months
  • Pink: 5 months
  • Dark Blue: 6 months
  • Copper: 7 months
  • Red: 8 months
  • Purple: 9 months
  • Gold: 10 months
  • Green: 11 months
  • Bronze: 1 year

As you'll note, some colors get repeated. However, they're different shades of the same color, making it easy to identify which is correct for each milestone.

You might receive key tags following the bronze AA chip that marks a year of sobriety.

How to Celebrate Recovery

Whether you're part of an AA group or are simply receiving help through addiction recovery tips online, it's important to celebrate yourself. You don't have to be a part of a group to buy and gift yourself AA chips. Similarly, you can purchase AA chips for friends or family members working on their path to recovery.

Buy Sobriety Tokes

It's important to remember that AA chips not only celebrate the months of sobriety but also recognize a person's commitment to remaining abstinent, personal growth, overcoming challenges, and building a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

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