What Does the AA Symbol of Recovery Signify?

Do you know the Alcoholics Anonymous symbol was registered in 1955? It's now widely applied by different AA entities. 
What's the meaning of the symbol triangle with a circle inside? The circle represents the entire world of AA while the triangle stands for the three AA's legacies. The three legacies are recovery, service, and unity.

Do you know the key to lasting sobriety is getting the balance between the entire aspects that this program provides? The AA symbol balance concept isn't lost on the alcoholics, anonymous founders!

What Should You Know More About AA Symbol?

The founders chose the triangle for the fellowship symbol. It stands for the three major legacies. The program legacies strive to balance between unity, recovery, and service.

Are you informed enough about the alcoholics’ anonymous triangle? The AA triangle is synonymous with thousands of Americans who experienced the treatment.

The three key legacies are written on:

  • Most AA literature cover
  • Back of anniversary coins

Let us discuss the implication of those three legacies. How are the alcoholics’ anonymous symbol legacies incorporated into long-term sobriety?

Unity on AA Symbol

Unity refers to the program fellowship aspect. Are you aware it’s mainly through the attendance of meetings? The meetings offer the first introduction of the program to newcomers.

What's, are other benefits of the meeting?

  • Prospective newcomers meet others during the program and commence building a support group. It’s essential for long-term sobriety.
  • Prospective newcomers meet sponsors who guide them via the program.

But do you know fellowship or unity doesn’t end with meetings? It goes even far. Lifelong friendships are forged and have benefits beyond the sobriety.

What Do You Know About Recovery?

Recovery implies the twelve phases of Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s those steps that offer the recovering basis from addiction or alcoholism. Now you know the reason recovery is usually written on the triangle bottom.

The twelve steps teach us to:

  • Trust a greater power
  • Address defects in our character
  • Pass the program to newcomers

Are you aware it’s through the phases that we accomplish a spiritual awakening? It’s obviously from a hopeless state.

What Do You Know About the Service?

The symbol triangle with circle has the last corner: fellowship service work. Do you know the achievement is for one day or many years in service? Yes. It does. The service can entail:

  • Setting chairs before a meeting
  • Making coffee
  • Helping to clean up

What happens after the twelve steps? The service work incorporates:

  • Sponsoring newcomers
  • Taking newcomers through the steps

Other types of service work entail:

  • Chairing meetings
  • Speaking at meetings
  • Getting engaged in committees and countless opportunities

What’s the repeated saying in rooms? “What has been given to us freely can only be kept if given away”. It stands as a lesson to the service importance in sustaining long-term sobriety.

Wrap Up

Do you know it’s impossible to maintain perfection between the three legacies of the AA symbol? However, we strive towards that. We understand the greatest defense that these three legacies provide.

The triangle with circle logo also sustains long-term sobriety. Are you considering a new life that’s free from alcohol addiction and drugs? Contact us to learn more about how you can walk a sobriety path.