What Are The Different Types Of AA Sobriety Medallions?

The road to recovery can be long and difficult. But recovering from alcohol addiction is going to fix a lot of problems and make you feel better.

Alcoholics Anonymous medallions are a great way to show others the progress you've made and are a good reminder of how far you've come. AA medallions are something to be proud of!

Have you ever wondered about the different types of sobriety medallions? Check out this brief list!

24 Hour Medallions

Also known as the "Newcomer Coin," this medallion is a reminder that everyone has to start somewhere. Not a lot of time has passed since your last drink, but you've set a goal and this chip can give you the extra push you need to stay on track and keep that goal in sight. Carry this coin around with you and every time you feel it in your pocket, be reminded of your goal.

Since everyone receives one of these coins at first, it helps build solidarity and makes one feel included in their AA group.

Month Medallions

These AA medallions are awarded to celebrate the monthly anniversary of one's sobriety. These coins act as stepping stones toward your goal of sobriety.

The first-month chip is a huge accomplishment. In the past month, the token holder has likely been through the painful process of withdrawal, as well as resisting the temptation to give up and start drinking again.

The tokens received in the following months represent the dedication toward sobriety and act as a reminder of what the token holder has overcome.

Yearly Anniversary Medallions

These medallions are awarded every year an AA member remains sober and attends their AA meetings. They are a huge accomplishment that show incredible progress and commitment to sobriety.

Yearly anniversary tokens are heavier than the others because receiving one is a huge accomplishment! Feeling the weight of one in their pocket will likely make an AA member feel proud of how far they've come, in addition to reminding them to remain sober.

Aluminum Affirmation Coins

These recovery medallions reaffirm different aspects of one's recovery. From "Think Before You Drink" to "One Day At a Time," these medallions aren't always necessary, but are a good reminder of one's goals and how better days are ahead.

Custom Coins

Custom bronze AA coins can be personalized for a member who needs a specific message. Find a message that would resonate with the AA member, and gift them the coin to remind them of the reasons they wanted to get sober in the first place.

Sobriety Medallions as Proof of Recovery

Receiving sobriety medallions has become an important part of AA meetings. AA groups have stuck with the tradition because sobriety is attainable and it's something to be proud of. They're also a great incentive to stay sober.

Whether you're handing out or receiving the medallion, the message is clear: Recovery is possible.

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