Wendells Bronze AA Coins Years 1-65
Wendells Bronze AA Coin

Wendells Bronze AA Coins Years 1-65

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These are timeless bronze AA medallions, a wonderful way to mark milestones in recovery...

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Wendells Bronze AA Coins

Yearly Anniversary AA Coins

Wendells high quality Bronze AA Coins represent the very best in sobriety tokens and AA Chips to help your group celebrate those special AA anniversaries. These Wendells Bronze AA Tokens feature the year of the anniversary prominently displayed inside the circle and triangle motif on the front of this Bronze AA Coin. On the reverse side of the coin you will find the serenity prayer in a wonderful scripted font. These AA tokens are a timeless reminder of those special mile markers along the road to recovery. We stock years 1-65.

Commonly referred to as Heavy Metal, these bronze AA coins are the typical celebratory reminder of annual anniversaries in alcoholics anonymous. The use of AA medallions dates back to the days of Sister Ignatia handing out Sacred Heart medals to dried out drunks leaving St Thomas Hospital in Akron, OH. She would offer them these AA Chips as a reminder of their acceptance of God in their daily lives. However, before that, and perhaps the first historical instance of someone carrying a Personal AA Chip, was Clarence Snyder, who created his very own AA Coin out of a half dollar. He would drill a small hole in the AA Chip for each year of sobriety. He continued this tradition with the same AA Token until his death in 1984. 

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