Stay in Tune: The Top 5 Best Sobriety Podcasts for Recovering Alcoholics

Once you've left treatment, that doesn't mean all of your hard work has come to an end. In fact, the hard work has just begun. However, there are various resources available to recovering alcoholics, including sobriety podcasts.

Podcasts that focus on sobriety are typically hosted by people that are in recovery themselves and can relate to the things you are feeling and situations you may face. A valuable part of recovery is being in contact with people that understand the path that you've taken.

Below you'll find a list of the top sobriety podcasts for recovering alcoholics.

Sobriety Podcasts

These podcasts will focus on sharing stories and experiences that they've personally gone through as they've traveled the road of recovery forging a bond between listener and host. Hopefully, 1 of the 5 podcasts below or a couple of them will catch your attention and become a regular podcast on your playlist.

1. Busy Living Sober

The host of this podcast is Elizabeth "Bizzy" Chance, and she has more than a decade of sobriety under her belt. One of her dreams was to help others that have struggled the way she has. Still, after being certified as a recovery coach and opening her own practice, she discovered that traditional counseling wasn't her thing.

Instead, she turned to podcast, which allowed her to reach people all over the world and talk about the hard realities of recovery while adding elements of fun and excitement into the conversation. You can find all of her content online, and her podcast is designed for everyone that is affected by addiction.

2. A Sober Girls Guide

Jessica Jeboult tried and failed for 10 years to get clean before beginning the Sober Girl podcast. Jeboult doesn't try to sugar coat addiction and recovery for her listeners. Instead, she offers genuine advice about mental health, spirituality, and everyone's personal journey.

Of course, she touches on many other aspects of addiction as well. This podcast targets women that are having a challenging time staying the course when it comes to recovery. However, the podcast incorporates wit and laid-back approach to a serious topic.

3. Recovery Rocks

Recovery Rocks podcast is hosted by Tawny Lara also of Sobrietea Party, and Lisa Smith, who wrote the book Girl Walks Out of a Bar. These 2 women take a transparent and in your face approach to discussing addiction and recovery.

Both women have taken the road of recovery in entirely different ways, which is why the podcast is a must-listen. Listeners can receive 2 different points of view that both have the same goal in mind, and that is to remain sober.

4. AfterParty Pod

This podcast talks about a little bit of everything, including mental illness, addiction, sobriety, and recovery, so listeners will get to hear about every aspect of the journey from start to finish. This podcast is associated with AfterParty Magazine.

The podcast shines a light on people that are in the entertainment industry, such as musicians, actors, comedians, writers, and many more that have all dealt with addiction or seen someone struggle with addiction.

5. A Mindful Emergence

This podcast focuses more so on the mental and spiritual healing aspect of the recovery process. It focuses on treatments and therapies to help mental health and post-traumatic stress disorders that may have contributed to the person becoming an addicting or being an underlying cause of the addiction.

Let's Listen

All of these sobriety podcasts are worth listening too at least once. They give a perspective that recovering addicts can relate to on multiple levels.

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