Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant
Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant

Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant

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Handmade Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant complete with ball neck chain that makes an interesting conversation starter
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Handmade Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant

Introducing a high quality rare item that is an immediate collectable.  The Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant had its humble beginnings as a Bright Star Press bronze coin that was transformed into this beautifully brilliant finished product.  Each ring is handcrafted and requires a significant amount of time to create and polish but we are making this wonderful piece available at a steal of a price!  

The Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant is available with either "TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE" or the serenity prayer wrapped around the exterior as an option.  Each pendant comes with a  ball chain.  They Do Not come with a coin.  The rings are made out of a coin.

The Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant is NOT being offered in various sizes at this time.  There is no guarantee what size you will receive and it is meant to be worn on a chain as a pendent.  This is subject to change at any point in time. 

We are also offering a special keepsake that can be purchased along with the ring.  The punched out center of the coin with the year of sobriety.  The centers are not attached to the ring pendant. 

 Thank You!

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