Sober Celebrities: 5 Famous Celebrities That Are Celebrating Their Recovery

Did you know that there are studies out there that link the qualities of successful people with people who also suffer from substance abuse disorder? 

Think about celebrities for a minute. They are usually risk-takers, have a good work ethic, and a strong desire to be successful. When all this is mixed with being in the public eye, it can lead to disaster. 

How many times do you read about famous recovering alcoholics? Who are some of the most notable celebrities in recovery?

How about celebrities in AA? Who are the famous sober alcoholics working every day for AA chips

If you are going through recovery, remember that you are not alone. This list of sober celebrities may inspire you to keep up the good fight. 

5 Famous Sober Celebrities

Imagine trying to stay sober when your every move is reported by the tabloids. These famous sober celebrities are doing it. Hopefully, their stories will inspire you to do the same. 

1. Rob Lowe 

You may know him from Parks and Recreation, but Rob Lowe was not always the guy you see today. He was the guy who was too messed up to even answer the phone at times. 

He just celebrated 29 years of sobriety after going to rehab in 1990 and continues to thank God, his family, and friends, for inspiring him to stay sober. 

2. Robert Downey Jr. 

Iron Man wasn't so tough when it came to dealing with drugs and alcohol. He battled addiction for years and was arrested several times on drug-related charges. 

There was a time in his life when no one wanted to take the risk of hiring him for a role. 

His life changed when his wife gave him an ultimatum in 2003. He credits his sobriety to a 12-step program, yoga, meditation, therapy, and the upswing in his career.

3. Daniel Radcliffe

Yes, Harry Potter was known to hit the bottle and would even show up to work drunk. He drank to the point where he would blackout or make some risky behavioral choices.

He knew that he was an ugly drunk and didn't like the changes he saw in himself. He failed to stop drinking with numerous attempts but finally did in 2010 with the help of friends.  

He stays sober and healthy by reading and exercising. 

4. Bradley Cooper

Cooper suffered from an addiction to painkillers and alcohol. He knew that his life was in a downward spiral and he had to do something before he ended up dead. 

Thanks to his 12-step program and his sobriety, Cooper has enjoyed an enormous amount of success in his career. 

5. Demi Lovato

This Disney star has battled addiction very publicly. She was 6 years sober and suffered a relapse last year. 

After spending some time in a hospital, she was treated at an in-patient facility. She continues going to AA and always feels welcome there. 

Staying Sober

Now you've seen some famous sober celebrities and how they're staying that way. Do you need some words of encouragement? Check out our other blog articles for advice on everything to help you stay sober from the right nutrition to the right sponsor.