Purple Flower AA Earring
Purple Flower AA Earring

Purple Flower AA Earring

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A stunning pair of intricately designed Purple Flower AA Earrings. Featuring intricate metalwork and gemstones.
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Purple Flower AA Earring

Our Purple Flower AA Earrings are one of our more standout pieces of jewelry. These earrings are anything but minimalist, but they do still convey AA membership in a subtle and discreet way. We know that the journey to recovery can be difficult sometimes and that recovery is also something to be extremely proud of. These earrings can help you to remember that you are supported and can also allow you to show off your achievements in a muted way. The earrings feature a small AA charm, allowing you to remember that you're always part of a huge community of people in similar circumstances who are all rooting for your recovery and who are behind you every step of the way. The earrings then feature further, beautiful decoration in the form of hanging purple flowers. These flowers feature gems and intricate metalwork design. There's amazing attention to detail! The earring also fasten securely at the back once they are in your ear, so you needn't worry about them falling out or misplacing them.

  • Small AA symbol charm
  • Beautiful purple flowers featuring gems
  • Intricate metalwork design
  • Secure fastenings

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