Lighthouse Affirmation AA Medallion
Lighthouse Affirmation Coin

Lighthouse Affirmation AA Medallion

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Lighthouse Affirmation Medallion
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Recovery Coin Premium Affirmation Medallions

Glow in the Dark Lighthouse Medallion

Upon entering recovery, the newcomer is in the 'dark' and in desperate need of direction and guidance.  This affirmation medallion is the perfect gift to encourage someone who is entering a supporting role sponsoring new comers.  It features a beautifully designed lighthouse scene.  Very sweet attention to detail in every aspect.  

This special coin glows brilliantly, simply turn off the lights and watch the beam illuminate the front and back of the coin!

The reverse side reads:

There are

two ways of

spreading light;

to be the candle

or the mirror that 

reflects it.

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