Hand Stitched Leather Recovery Journal
Merlot Saddle - Serenity Prayer

Hand Stitched Leather Recovery Journal

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BIG BOOK COVER W/Serenity Prayer and Coin Holder
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Leather Recovery Journal

Hand stitched and crafted with an age old technique, these recovery journals are sure to last a lifetime. They begin by being selected as one of the best hides available, they are then cut by hand and lovingly stitched to perfection. The feature a loop and concho closure system with the AA Circle and Triangle on the concho. 

We offer them in 2 color choices: 

-Midnight Espresso (Darker)
-Merlot Saddle (Lighter)

The also come with your choice of stitched on saying:

One Day At A Time
The Serenity Prayer

These will sure to please even those with the most discerning taste!

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