Big Book Bead Bracelet Hope String
Big Book Bead Bracelet Hope String

Big Book Bead Bracelet Hope String

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Unique Big Book bead bracelet, featuring words from the Big Book in a hand rolled, waterproof bead.
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Big Book Bead Bracelet

Hope String

If you've ever attended an AA session, you'll be more than familiar with the "Big Book". The "Big Book" is a casual term that refers to a self-help book created by Bill W, and which has formed a basic and core text for AA participants. This book has transformed countless lives for the better, helping to guide and support people on their journey to recovery. Sure, it may feel comforting to carry a copy on you, but our Big Book Bead Bracelet makes this even easier.

The Big Book Bead Bracelet is a simple and straightforward way to carry a part of the Big Book around with you on a daily basis. It can provide comfort when you face difficulty or doubt. Plus, it looks great!

The bracelet features a bead crafted from a hand-rolled page of the Big Book, making each bracelet truly unique. The beads are waterproof, so can be worn at all times, offering comforting words whenever you might need them.

The bead is suspended between two smaller, circular beads, which hang from an adjustable cord. The circular beads are available in a choice of three colors - pewter, copper or bronze - and the adjustable cord means the bracelet will fit the majority of wrist sizes.

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