Big Book Bead Bracelet Hope String
Big Book Bead Bracelet Hope String

Big Book Bead Bracelet Hope String

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Unique Big Book bead bracelet, featuring words from the Big Book in a hand rolled, waterproof bead.
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Big Book Bead Bracelet

Hope String

The “Big Book” is one of the fundamental elements of the AA process. Originally writing by Bill W as a self-help book, this text is a vital part of many people’s journey to sobriety and is something that many people use to help them along the way. Big Book Bead Bracelet Hope String enables you to carry a reminder of the “Big Book’s” teachings with you; what better way to keep you on the right track?

The Big Book Bead Bracelet is a simple and straightforward way to carry a part of the Big Book around with you on a daily basis. Each bracelet features a hand-rolled waterproof bead made using a page of the “Big Book” itself, giving you the chance to keep this book close to you without carrying the whole thing.

Two metal beads hold the main bead in place, with a light string with gold accents holding them together. Another bead is found at the bottom of the bracelet loop, giving you the ability to adjust the bracelet to match the size of your wrists.

  • Includes real pages from Bill W’s Big Book
  • Silver-plated plaque with a comfortable curve
  • Beautiful metal accent beads
  • A great reminder of your AA journey

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