AA Coins Starter Set-Free Domestic Shipping!
AA Tokens in Starter Set

AA Coins Starter Set-Free Domestic Shipping!

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Everything you need to start a meeting...we did the shopping for you and passed along the added savings!
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AA Coins Starter Set

Free Domestic Shipping!

Let us do the shopping for you, we have all of the AA tokens and AA chips you need in one convenient package. The BSP Meeting Set includes the following:

Aluminum TokensBronze Tokens
  • 25-24 Hour Tokens
  • 20-1 Month Tokens
  • 15-2 Month Tokens
  • 15-3 Month Tokens
  • 10-6 Month Tokens
  • 10-9 Month Tokens

  • 5-1 Year Tokens
  • 5-18 Mo Tokens
  • 5-2 Year Tokens
  • 5-3 Year Tokens
  • 5-4 Year Tokens
  • 5-5 Year Tokens
  • 5-6 Year Tokens
  • 5-7 Year Tokens
  • 5-8 Year Tokens
  • 5-9 Year Tokens
  • 5-10 Year Tokens

That's 95 Aluminum AA Chips and 55 Bronze AA Coins!

Enjoy the savings and the free domestic shipping.

We believe that this is a great kit for those that are just getting a new meeting off the ground or restocking an old meeting with fresh AA Coins. We simply can't get you better prices. These AA Chips will come with free domestic shipping all packed into a USPS box. Feel free to add additional tokens to your order, however shipping will be charged on the additional tokens.

This AA Coin starter set will come with all of the AA Chips you need to get your AA Meeting started with a fresh AA Coin collection. Be prepared to hand out AA Coins starting with the 24 Hour AA Chip, all the way up to the Bronze AA Tokens. For those interested in a larger set of AA Chips, please see our additional AA Coin Starter sets which feature a larger assortment of AA Coins and AA Chips.

Red | Gold | Yellow | Green | Blue | Purple | Brass | Bronze

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