6 Ways to Display Your Sobriety Coins

6 Ways to Display Your Sobriety Coins

With every step of your recovery, you've worked hard to earn every sobriety coin. Depending upon how far along you are in recovery, you might have earned quite a few chips! Instead of keeping all of that hard work piled up somewhere in your home, consider displaying it.

There are many ways to celebrate your recovery, and one of them is by properly showcasing the time and effort reflected in your sobriety coins. Read up on some great ideas for sharing your recovery with this guide.

1. Velvet or Wooden Gift Box

If you're sponsoring someone else in recovery, a gift box is a way to go. You can choose velvet or wood, depending on your personal preference. But the best way to showcase and display a coin is with a wooden gift box.

You can also give your AA chip to someone significant in your life. For example, consider a family member who benefits directly from your recovery and supports you every step of the way.

2. Airtight Coin Capsule

If you're a no-nonsense, practical type, maybe you want an airtight coin capsule instead. This is a great token to carry your AA coin in your pocket. And for those wooden coins, an airtight seal keeps them protected.

3. Token Storage Box

An ideal token display for long-term recovery is a token storage box. Or, if you lead any AA or other addiction support group, a box keeps different tokens organized. Either way, it offers a lot of functionality. 

4. Keychain Coin Holder

For those members of Alcoholics Anonymous that want a constant reminder of their hard work, you need a token display for whenever you're on the go. A keychain coin holder is your best bet and meets needs as a gift or personal reminder.

5. Floating Frame Coin Display

If you and your support group celebrate some bigger recovery dates, consider a floating frame coin display. This perfectly highlights whatever coin you choose to share. You may consider multiple frame displays if you've got a lot of sobriety chips to display.

You might even consider a floating box or shadow frame to showcase many coins. This works well for those who wish to display their hard work at home or in the workplace.

6. Sobriety Coin Ring

A sobriety coin ring is a perfect gift for those with years to decades of recovery under their belts. It offers the option for long-term wearability, and it's completely portable. Plus, it serves as a constant reminder of the effort required to maintain recovery for anyone who's a sponsor.

Display Any Sobriety Coin With The Token Shop

These are just a few ideas for showcasing any sobriety coin you might have. You can always come up with your own ideas or check out the rest of our stock for valuable recovery resources and mental health information. Contact us with any queries you might have on the best ways to celebrate your recovery.