6 Travel Tips for the 2022 National AA Convention

6 Travel Tips for the 2022 National AA Convention

What are you doing April 22nd-24th?

Every year the Alcoholics Anonymous group puts on a conference where sober people can get together and grow. This year, it's in Melbourne, Australia.

If you live in Australia, you'll love this event! For those who haven't ever been to Melbourne, or are feeling nervous about their first AA conference, don't worry! We're going over our travel tips for traveling sober below.

1. Look for Group Hotel Deals

When a conference is hosted at a hotel, like the AA Natcon Melbourne is this year, there are usually deals for groups. This year's conference is at the Pullman Hotel Albert Park, from April 22nd to April 24th.

There isn't mention of group hotel deals on the website yet, but it's worth giving the hotel a call and asking. Even if there aren't Natcon deals, the hotel staff will be able to get you the best deal!

2. Find a Roommate to Split the Cost

You're likely in a sober living or AA Facebook group. While these can be a lot of drama sometimes, they're worth being part of when you're building your non-drinking community.

Use the Facebook search feature within the group (usually in the right corner) to search for "AA conference" or "Natcon." Someone may have already made a post about it, which will keep the group from getting redundant.

But if not, make a post yourself asking for interest, and you may be able to find someone willing to split the cost of a room with you!

3. Ask for Work Off Now

Have you seen those memes that say PTO (Paid Time Off) really stands for "prepare the others... because I'm not coming in?" It's a good joke, but it won't be funny if you don't give work enough notice and your request gets denied.

The sooner you ask for work off, the better chance you have. Tell your boss you'll need the 21-25 off. That gives you time for travel, as well as ...

4. Take an Extra Day for Sight Seeing

Melbourne is gorgeous and deserves your attention. Schedule some time before or after the conference to see the sights. You won't want to miss the Victoria Botanical Gardens if you're a plant lover.

More into the big city feel? The Queen Victoria market and the Eureka Skydeck will be right up your alley.

You can find tours and guides online -- just make sure to schedule in advance!

5. Bring Your Chips

You're going to AA Natcon to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments or the accomplishments of your loved ones. If nowhere else, this is the best place to wear your AA achievement tokens proudly.

Wear your sobriety wristbands proudly and get ready for questions about where you got such creative coin jewelry. 

6. Bring Money for Merch at the Conference

When going to the AA convention, you'll want to bring enough money for three meals a day, plus social events. Luckily, traveling sober is less expensive than if you were still using. Plan for around $50-80 a day, depending on your taste.

Most conferences have official conference merch, like T-shirts, that you'll want to take advantage of.

Travel Tips for the Alcoholic Anonymous Conference

The AA NATCON Convention in April is sure to be a great time. If you've never been, we recommend making it a priority. You'll love showing off your token jewelry and making friends with the same values as you.

We hope you enjoyed these travel tips for the conference and would love to be your source for tokens and token jewelry. Browse our selection here.