6 Amazing Gifts for Recovering Alcoholics

6 Amazing Gifts for Recovering Alcoholics

6 Amazing Gifts for Recovering Alcoholics

Heartfelt and meaningful gifts are a great way to show that you care and support your loved ones no matter what. Here are 6 amazing gifts for recovering alcoholics that are a beautiful way to show your support!

Realizing someone close to you is an alcoholic is one of the hardest things in life to face. But, imagine how much harder addiction is for the person who is struggling with it.

He or she needs your support as they work to recover, and even after they've reached sobriety, too.

One way you can show your loved one you still care is to give them a gift to celebrate their recovery. You may choose to do this as you're picking them up from rehab or as they reach important milestones in their sobriety - like being 1 year or 10 years clean.

You can also buy gifts for recovering alcoholics just because. If you're not sure what to buy, though, check out the list of suggestions below.

1. Exercise Equipment

A big part of recovery is learning how to take better care of the mind and body - and what better way to do that than through exercise?

Regular exercise is encouraged in many treatment programs, but it's up to the recovered addict to keep this healthy habit going. A new workout outfit or a nice yoga mat could be the push in the right direction they need.

Keep in mind you don't have to go all-out on this gift, considering some workout equipment can be expensive. Just think about what your loved one's new exercise of choice is and give them a gift they can use for it. Even something as simple as a new water bottle is sure to brighten their day.

2. A Journal

Another habit most recovered addicts pick up in rehabilitation is journaling. Lots of times, an alcoholic is struggling with more than just addiction. They may be using drugs to help them cope with some sort of trauma or mental illness.

Journaling helps your loved one heal. It gives them an outlet to let things go and make sense of all the thoughts in their head instead of trying to block certain thoughts.

Plus, journaling encourages creativity and mindfulness. It doesn't always have to be about recovering or moving forward. The more your loved one writes in their journal, the more peace of mind and confidence they'll start to show every day.

3. Books, Book Covers, and Bookmarks

As good as it is for a person to write and express their own thoughts, sometimes, it's nice to get encouragement from the words of others. Research a few books on hope and healing for addicts and gift them to someone in your life who needs them.

They don't all have to be directly tied to addiction, either. A lot of addicts find a deep spiritual connection through their recovery process, so you can choose books based on religion or consciousness.

Social behavior books about overcoming obstacles and starting over are great reads for addicts too, on the more practical side of things.

Whatever kind of book you buy, though, consider getting a book cover and a bookmark for it too. There are actually AA book covers out there that remind recovered addicts of their journey to sobriety.

These are wonderful and subtle encouragements for people to keep going in the right direction.

4. Motivational Jewelry

It's amazing what the power of words can do, whether a person is writing them down or reading the words of another. If you don't think your loved one is much of a reader, though, give them a piece of jewelry with one powerful statement on it.

Men and women alike love a nice piece of jewelry. It's a great gift for a special occasion, like a birthday or a holiday. But when you buy AA themed jewelry, the gift also works for someone's recovery anniversary or as congratulations when they leave rehab.

These special creations are engraved with motivational quotes or symbols to remind recovered addicts of the struggles they've overcome. There are all kinds of necklaces, rings, and bracelets to suit different fashion styles. One of them is sure to be just what the recovered addict in your life needs.

5. Subtle, Everyday Reminders

If you like the thought of giving someone a powerful saying or image they can look at every day, brainstorm such gifts for recovering addicts beyond jewelry. There are so many things you can get engraved and make a meaningful gift out of.

These include:

  • keychains
  • money clips
  • jewelry boxes

You can even get the gift box for an AA gift engraved, and speaking of AA, don't forget about the organization's special coins for recovered addicts. AA coins are tokens that recovered alcoholics can collect when they reach milestones on their journey.

They're available starting at 1 month of recovery and go up to 10 years!

6. Flowers

Still not sure what to get the recovered addict in your life? Buy them flowers.

It doesn't matter who they are to you or how old they are, flowers are sure to make them feel special. These are a lovely touch to add to a gift but they can also brighten someone's day entirely on their own.

Make sure you get some flowers on your way to pick up your loved one from their rehabilitation treatment. Or, have them ready when you meet up with them after one of their AA meetings. Maybe even get flowers sent to this person randomly as a sign of encouragement and love.

There's never a wrong time to buy flowers. These always do more for the other person than you think.

Find the Best Gifts for Recovering Alcoholics in Your Life

No matter who the recovered addict in your life is, or how many of them you know, it's good to reach out from time to time. Gifts for recovering alcoholics are a great way to start rebuilding your relationship if it became rocky during the alcoholic's drinking days.

It's also a nice way to say that you're proud of this person for taking care of themselves and getting clean.

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