5 Things You Won't Want to Miss for Your First National AA Convention

5 Things You Won't Want to Miss for Your First National AA Convention

Alcoholics Anonymous is a global fellowship for those who are dedicated to maintaining their sobriety and helping others on their sobriety journey. They operate in over 150 countries with approximately two million members

Every five years, AA members organize a special convention to gather those from around the world to hold a meeting together. The convention spans three days and there are a variety of activities to participate in. 

If you're heading to Melbourne for your first AA convention this year, there are some things you won't want to miss. From sober living activities to time-honored convention practices, you want to get the most out of your first event. 

Keep reading to find out five things you should do at your first National AA convention. 

1. Start the Day With Yoga and Meditation 

Yoga and mediation are great ways to calm your mind and ease anxiety. These are also sober living essentials for mental and spiritual health. Yoga helps to improve your mood, reduce stress, and calm negative emotions. 

At the National AA convention, the day starts with yoga and mediation. This is a great way to connect with the other members before the rest of the program. Feel free to attend both mornings and start your day with these calming practices. 

2. Check Out the Special Guest Speaker 

Each year during the AA convention, there is a chosen guest speaker who is a member of the fellowship. 

The speaker is usually a long-standing member of Alcoholics Anonymous and shares their story at the event. This is an effective way that you can absorb some of the wisdom and inspiration imparted by other members of AA. 

3. Attend the Saturday Night Dance Event 

While each convention has its own special program, there is usually an evening dedicated to fun and entertainment. This year, there is a Saturday night dance and it is a wonderful excuse to have sober fun with other AA members. Socializing with other people who prioritize their sobriety is one of the key sober living tips.  

4. Go Sightseeing

If you're visiting Melbourne for the first time, this is an opportunity for you to check out some of the popular sites. This is an easy way to have sober fun and check out what the city has to offer. 

With a variety of museums, art galleries, and botanical gardens, there are plenty of sober activities to enjoy.   

5. Commemorate the Event With a Recovery Coin

Recovery tokens are an important part of the AA experience. With each recovery milestone, you receive a token commemorating your length of sobriety. 

You can customize a precious metal anniversary coin as a memory of your first Nation AA convention.   

Celebrate Sober Living With These Five Things at Your First AA Convention

Alcohol recovery is no small feat and attending a national AA convention is a rite of passage within the fellowship. Don't miss out on yoga, the guest speaker, the evening entertainment, and be sure to memorialize the event with a special coin. Remember to enjoy sober living activities by checking out the sights of the city. 

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