5 Restaurants to Not Miss While in Detroit for the 2020 International AA Convention

5 Restaurants to Not Miss While in Detroit for the 2020 International AA Convention

If you're planning on heading to Detroit for the 2020 International AA Convention, congratulations on your success. Beating any addiction can be more challenging than most people know.

However, despite any relapses, backward steps, or other negative issues along the way, here you are. As you probably know, these conventions are only held every 5 years. Take advantage of this opportunity and escape to Detroit for a while to celebrate your sobriety.

While you're there, however, be sure to enjoy yourself with the best restaurants the city has to offer. Keep reading for our top five suggestions.

1. YumVillage

YumVillage started its service to hungry Detroit citizens as a food truck serving West African and Caribbean foods. Now, it has a permanent location in the New Center neighborhood.

Not only does this restaurant offer some of the best jerk chicken in the state, but the owners have dedicated themselves to paying their employees respectable living wages, rather than relying on the unrealistic minimum wage standards of the state. However, you'll be pleased to find that they don't accomplish this by jacking up their prices.

2. Albena

Perhaps one of the most pleasantly intimate dining options in all of Detroit, Albena has a maximum capacity for eight patrons at a time. However, the food they cook up has the potential to gridlock entire city blocks once people catch wind of what's going on.

Chef Garrett Lipar and his crew make insane home-style meals that taste authentic and look beautiful. For an incredibly warm and personal dining experience at this year's AA convention, be sure to stop by Albena for an amazing meal.

3. Norma G's

While simultaneously memorializing a loved one and creating warm, heart-felt foods, the owners of Norma G's have one major goal in mind. The owners want to treat each guest as if they were walking into their personal home, where they would be treated with respect, warmth, and of course, good food. Come here for an amazingly broad spectrum of Caribbean foods.

4. Bonoful Sweets and Cafe

If you're looking to get a little extra culture while in Detroit for the AA convention, be sure to stop by Bonoful Sweets and Cafe. This Bangladeshi eatery is found in the Banglatown neighborhood and boasts some of the most authentic and delightful Bangladeshi foods and desserts.

5. Loui's Pizza

Finally, if you're like 98 percent of other Americans, you eat and possibly love pizza. When you're down in Detroit this year for the AA convention, be sure to stop by one of the city's most beloved pizza places. With buttery crusts and bold sauces, what's not to love?

And if you've brought your family with you, perfect. Loui's Pizza has a family-friendly atmosphere for kids of all ages.

Are You Going to the AA Convention?

If you're looking to make the absolute most out of the 2020 AA Convention, be sure to hit up some of Detroit's most popular eateries for an authentic Detroit experience. However, don't forget to bring along your AA anniversary coins either to show off to your fellow group members. Good luck and have fun!