5 Fun Sober Activities for a Friday Night out

5 Fun Sober Activities for a Friday Night out

5 Fun Sober Activities for a Friday Night out

Friday nights out don't have to revolve around the bar scene to be fun! Here are 5 super fun sober activities you can enjoy with your friends that are sure to be a hit!

When the weekend rolls around, it seems everywhere you look there are people drinking. If you're recovering from an alcohol addiction, weekends can seem challenging.

Staying sober doesn't mean you have to give up your social life. It may appear that there aren't many fun social events without alcohol. But, there are actually lots of things you can do without alcohol ever coming into the equation.

5 Fun Friday Night Sober Activities

No matter what your interests are, there are a huge amount of sober activities to choose from. Having an active social life is essential for your mental health. Whether you're a home bird or like to be outdoors, here are 5 of the best sober activities to do on a Friday night.

1. Throw a Dinner Party

Food is something we can all bond over and enjoy together. Invite all your closest friends and throw them a dinner party!

Your friends may know that you're sober now, but if not, let them know. Tell them ahead of time that it's a dry dinner party and there will be no alcohol involved.

This way you can enjoy the company of your friends over a delicious, home-cooked meal. They will appreciate the effort you've gone to and may even return the favor in the future!

Another fun activity you can try is making virgin cocktails together after dinner! You'll get to enjoy all the taste without any of the alcohol, it's a win-win!

2. Take a Class

Getting and staying sober is the best way to start improving yourself. It has so many health benefits which will change your life for the better. But it doesn't have to stop there.

Sign up for a new class and learn a new skill! Whether it's a sport, cooking class or crafting, there's so much to choose from. Pick whatever takes your fancy and start a journey of growth and learning.

The best part of joining a new class is meeting new friends. Joining a class is the perfect way to do this. You may not only walk away with more knowledge, but you could meet a whole new group of friends.

3. Get Sporty

If you there is a local sports team you support, check out when they're next playing. Get some tickets and go along to cheer them on. You could also bring your buddies along and get into the team spirit!

If you feel like getting involved, look online or go to your community center to join a local sports team. Being a part of a weekly sport is a great way to fill your time. It also keeps you fit and active and gives you a whole new group of friends who will cheer you on too.

There's a sport for everyone. Golfing is great if you want some peace and quiet and you can also meet some people there too. Or you could join a 5-a-side soccer team for weekly matches. It doesn't need to be competitive (unless you want it to be!), and it can be a lot of fun!

4. Watch a Movie

Is there a movie on right now that you feel like watching? if so, get on over to the movie theatre and go see it!

Call up some friends and see if they want to join you, or go by yourself. Enjoy being in your own company doing stuff you enjoy.

Let's face it, going to the movies can be expensive sometimes. Instead, you could always set up a movie night at yours.

We all have a bucket list of movies we've been meaning to watch since forever. Now's the chance to finally tick them off the list! Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a film with some friends or have a quiet one to yourself.

5. Go to a Dry Bar or Late Night Cafe

Even though you've stopped drinking, there are still cool places you can hang out which aren't bars. Search online for any dry bars in your area.

Places like these will serve drinks like mocktails, non-alcoholic beers or soft drinks. They're a place where non-drinkers can come enjoy all the aspects of a regular bar, without any of the alcohol.

Drinking mocktails in a dry bar is a much healthier way to spend an evening. It's a safe place to go which will not result in a relapse or hangover the next morning.

If coffee is your drink of choice, keep an eye out for any late night cafes in the area. It's surprising how many of them actually stay open till late at night.

They serve as a great place to relax, hang with friends or get some work done with a delicious mocha latte!

Sober Activities Will Keep You On Track

Leaving behind drinking doesn't mean you have to give up on your social life. It means you have a new lease on life and can enjoy it in so many more ways.

These are only 5 of the best ones for a night out, but there's so much more a sober life can offer you. It will help you make deeper connections with the people in your life. It gives you more time to try new hobbies and see new places.

When you get sober, the possibilities are endless. You'll grow and learn new things about yourself you may never have thought possible.

This Friday night, try out one of these sober activities. You'll see that an alcohol-free life is very fulfilling!

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