4 Ideas on How to Display Your AA Tokens at Home

4 Ideas on How to Display Your AA Tokens at Home

4 Ideas on How to Display Your AA Tokens at Home

When it comes to your AA tokens, it's important to display them with pride. Here are a few ideas on how to display your AA tokens at home.

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Attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) boosts an addict's chances of staying sober by 60%. As a result, many addicts turn to AA for help when breaking their addictions. 

People turn to AA for encouragement and a sense of belonging. One form of encouragement attendees receive is AA tokens. They receive them when reaching sobriety milestones.

You might feel a sense of pride when you receive your tokens. And you should. But you might also want to display them in your home.

Here are four ideas to help you determine how to display your tokens at home.

1. Display Case

Choosing to break your addiction is one of the best things you can do. Thus, reaching milestones in your sobriety is a reason to celebrate. You should feel proud, and celebrating success is important.

You could invest in a display to hold the tokens you receive. You can purchase display cases for your tokens. But you can also make them.

When you buy one, it will have slots to hold your coins. You can hang the case on your wall, allowing everyone to see your success.

2. Storage Box

Some people prefer keeping their AA tokens in storage boxes. You can also buy or make these, but buying one is easier.

Storage boxes are portable. Thus, you won't have to leave it on your wall. Instead, you can take the box with you to show people. 

You can receive tokens for all your sobriety milestones. The first one people receive is the 24-hour token. While being sober for 24 hours might not seem like a lot, it's a necessary step when breaking an addiction. 

3. Jewelry

Whether you're just beginning your road to recovery or years down the road, your AA tokens are important. One great idea for displaying your coins is purchasing AA jewelry.

For example, you can buy token necklaces. You can place a token in the necklace and wear it. When you earn another token, you can replace the current one.

You can also buy keychains to display your tokens. There are also many other types of jewelry to choose from for your tokens.

4. Coin Holder

Another portable way to display your token collection is with a coin holder. A token coin holder can hold many tokens. You can place it in the coin holder each time you receive one.

Your coin holder will start getting full after just a few months. You'll likely feel encouraged as you fill your coin holder.

Then, you can set your coin holder on a table in your home. You can also bring it with you to AA meetings. You could even bring it to family functions to show your relatives how far you've come. 

Proudly Display Your AA Tokens

Sobriety is an achievement. Thus, you should feel proud when you receive AA tokens. You can show your pride by displaying your AA tokens with one of these methods.

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