3 Types of Recovery Coins for Those Battling Addiction

3 Types of Recovery Coins for Those Battling Addiction

3 Types of Recovery Coins for Those Battling Addiction

Are you familiar with the different kinds of recovery coins for those facing addiction? Here's a brief overview the options that exist.

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Despite rumors to the contrary, a 2020 clinical review shows that AA and other 12-step programs significantly assist in recovery, and reduce healthcare costs associated with AUD.

The study also highlighted that AA traditions are the secret to this success. So it's important to uphold these things, like having a sponsor and celebrating milestones with recovery coins.

If you're new to AA you might wonder, "What is a recovery coin?''. Keep reading to find out more about them and why they're so important.

What Are Recovery Coins? 

Those in recovery need to celebrate every step in the right direction, and AA recovery coins help them recognize how far they've come.

A recovery coin, or sobriety chip, is a medallion type of token awarded to members of 12-step groups to reward them for abstaining from their drug of choice.

It's a powerful reminder of sobriety and an incentive to keep striving for the next milestone. It is a strong symbol of the group's commitment to the individual's recovery.

1. Once-Off Recovery Coins

silver coin represents the first 24 hours of sobriety, a particularly significant milestone as it recurs daily. An individual receives this coin at the beginning of their recovery journey, no matter how many times they restart it. 

Some AA groups award white coins to those who relapse but return to restart their program. Rather than a badge of shame, these coins celebrate the person's courage in not giving up after one mistake.

These coins also remind the recovering addict about what they stand to lose by relapsing and encourage them to keep coming back no matter what.

2. Monthly Recovery Coins

The next most significant AA chip is the one-month sobriety coin. It's extremely difficult to imagine 30 days of sobriety at the outset of your recovery journey, so this red coin is highly coveted by those new to the program.

After one month of recovery, things do become a little easier, but it's far from plain sailing from there on. That's why some groups also award coins for the following achievements:

  • Gold - two months and 10 months
  • Green - 3 months and 11 months
  • Purple - 4 months and 9 months
  • Pink - 5 months 
  • Dark Blue - 6 months
  • Copper - 7 months
  • Red - 8 months 

3. Annual AA Recovery Coins

The bronze chip is traditionally given after 1 year. This is a very important milestone for all recovering addicts, and the group refers to it as their 'birthday'.

Studies show that around 43% of addicts in treatment relapse within a year, so staying sober for this long is a considerable achievement.

Some groups may award these tokens every year, while others focus on anniversaries such as five and ten years. Often, those who achieve these long-term goals receive other tokens of their success, like recovery-themed keychains, too.

Where Do AA Coins Come From?

AA coins date back to 1947, when an AA group in Elmira, NY first started using poker chips to celebrate sobriety milestones. Nowadays, AA coins come from specialized manufacturers who create them for recovery groups like AA and NA.

Browse our blog for more information on AA recovery traditions and symbols. If you're running an AA group, check out our awesome selection of highly desirable coins for your members and order yours today.