3 Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction and How to Treat Them

3 Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction and How to Treat Them

Are you concerned about alcohol addiction? Whether you have concerns about your own alcohol addiction or you have concerns about a loved one, it is important that you know that help is available. Alcohol use disorders are common these days, but not everyone is aware of the signs of alcohol addiction.

With this in mind, read on to discover 3 early signs of alcohol addiction and what you can do to get alcohol addiction help.

1. Inability to Control Drinking

One of the main signs of alcohol addiction is an inability to control your drinking. People tend to think of those that have alcohol use disorders as people that drink every day, but this is not always the case. Many people that have alcohol use disorders can abstain from drinking for long periods but are then unable to control their drinking when they do start.

This is binge drinking. People often feel powerless over their drinking once they start and will continue to drink after others have stopped. Often, people will know that they should stop drinking but are unable to do so.

The good news is that alcohol addiction help can make a difference. People often find that attending meetings, collecting AA chips and engaging with others in the same boat can help them to manage their addiction and build a healthier lifestyle.

2. Replacing Activities With Drinking

Another early sign of addiction is replacing regular activities with drinking. This might involve avoiding social events that do not involve drinking, neglecting personal responsibilities in favor of drinking and/or drinking in unsafe situations, such as while driving or looking after kids.

In these situations, people often find that the interests, hobbies and social events that they used to enjoy no longer bring them joy. Additionally, when the individual is not drinking then they will be thinking about drinking and making plans to get their next drink.

3. Continuing to Drink Despite Mounting Problems

One of the signs of alcohol addiction that you should not ignore is when an individual continues binge drinking despite the problems that their drinking is causing.

Alcohol use disorders can create many problems for an individual. This can include damaged relationships, physical and mental health issues and problems at work. Alcohol addiction will cause people to continue drinking despite these issues and it is in these times that people should seek alcohol addicition help.

Additionally, an individual will continue to drink even when loved ones try to intervene. Another clear sign of alcohol addiction is when someone will start to conceal their drinking from loved ones. This might involve hiding empty bottles or lying about what they have been doing.

Look For These Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction

These are 3 of the main early signs of alcohol addiction. Whether you notice a change in your own drinking habits or that of a loved one, you need to know that alcohol addiction help is available.

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