24 Hour AA Tokens

The AA 24 Hour Token

The Alcoholics Anonymous  24 Hour Chip stands as a silent reminder of the beginning of a journey. Designated as the humble memento with which a newly sober member of the fellow ship of AA is to mark the beginning of their sober life. Often called a "surrender chip", the 24 hour token comes in a variety of styles. Perhaps the most familiar of these is pictured here, an aluminum coin approximately 1 inch in diameter. Also common in some AA groups is a white poker chip or desire chip. These white poker chips sometimes feature the initials AA stamped in the center and may also feature the group's name on the reverse side of the chip.

24 Hour Tokens, which are sometimes called start-over tokens, are intended to signify a moment which starts a new way of life for the recipient. When a newly sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous is given a 24 hour chip the are being welcomed into recovery. At The Token Shop, it is our belief that every new member should get one of these coins, that is why we built our business on providing the lowest possible price on 24 hour tokens.

AA 24 Hour Token Features

The aluminum 24 hour Coins are produced by two suppliers, Wendells and Bright Star Press. These 24 Hour Tokens feature the following attributes:

  • 24 Hours prominently stamped in the center of the coin
  • The AA Triangle
  • The Three Pillars of Service featured on the front of the token
  • The words "To Thine Own Self be True"
  • The Serenity Prayer on the reverse

AA 24 Hour Token Slogans

Just a few of the statements made to newcomers in AA who take a 24 Hour Token to help them to remember that the AA program of recovery is a one day at a time program and that sobriety is a 24 hour reprieve...
  • Put this token in your pocket with your other coins, as you reach in your pocket during the day you will touch it and be reminded of your sobriety.
  • Put this medallion under your tongue, if it melts it is o.k. to take a drink.
  • Carry this chip with you at all times, it is your reminder that recovery is 24-hours at a time. If you take a drink, throw it down on the ground so that someone might find it and know to come to Alcoholic's Anonymous.
The first of many milestones in recovery, the 24 Hour Token marks the humble beginning of an alcoholics journey in AA. Carried as a silent sentry to help the newcomer to guard against the first drink the AA 24 Hour Chip is perhaps the most important coin in the token box.