10 Sobriety Milestones to Be Proud of

10 Sobriety Milestones to Be Proud of

On the road to recovery, there are a number of sobriety milestones you can reach. 

These can range from time-based achievements to moments of significant emotional healing. Whicher milestone you reach at any given moment, it is worth being proud of yourself.

To help you recognize your achievements or those of your recovering loved ones, we've compiled this list of sobriety milestones to be proud of. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Seeking Help

It might sound cliche, but it really is true. Taking that first step towards sobriety can be one of the most difficult parts of recovering. 

If you've asked for help, you should be proud of yourself. This is the first milestone and an incredibly important one.

2. 24 Hours Sober

That first day can be incredibly tough. When recovering from alcohol addiction, every day of sobriety is something to be proud of.

There's a reason that those in recovery get AA coins for one day sober. It's a testament to your effort to recover.

3. Writing in a Journal

A tool that lots of people use during recovery, writing the first entry is a milestone to be proud of. It can be daunting to admit your situation in such a tangible format.

It takes courage to write your feelings. Be proud of your first journal entry.

4. Facing Your Emotions

Feeling courageous enough to face up to trying emotions is a sure sign of your personal development in sobriety. It is an important milestone.

This is because it shows a shift in the way you cope with emotional change. Rather than turning to alcohol, you are handling your emotions independently.

5. Monthly Milestones

Many recovering addicts measure their sobriety by months. Those who recover with AA get AA tokens for each month of sobriety to commemorate the occasion.

This is because taking recovery step by step helps you to recover in an achievable way by setting those monthly goals. Working towards AA chips and getting them is very impressive.

6. Feeling More Positive

This is a vital milestone in your sobriety journey. Feeling happy and having a positive outlook show that you are tangibly improving your mental health by choosing to be sober.

Being happy is something to be proud of. It's a sign that your hard work is taking effect.

7. Reconnecting With Loved Ones

Alcohol addiction can come between you and those you love. Repairing relationships with others is a huge milestone.

Being considerate of your loved ones and making amends is a huge part of recovery. You should be proud when you achieve this.

8. You Can Regulate Your Behavior Easily

Developing to the point at which you find it easy to recognize unhealthy behavior and change it is something to be proud of. It shows your willingness to work towards long-term sobriety.

Knowing that progress is just as important as results is important. Be proud of yourself for pushing back against those bad habits.

9. Getting Back to Work

Whether it's an old career or a fresh start, going back to work is significant. This is because it shows your newfound ability to handle stress in healthy ways.

Your confidence and willingness to step out and integrate back into society in this way is something special. And it's worth congratulating yourself for it.

10. Your First Year of Sobriety and Every Year After

Reaching a year sober is an incredible achievement. Whatever your reason for going sober, this is a monumental period through which your life will have changed in many ways.

A year sober means you have weathered life's ups and downs and stayed committed to sobriety. Many in recovery collect those year-sober AA medallions, and all of them should be incredibly proud. 

Sobriety Milestones Are Huge Achievements

Getting to these sobriety milestones can be a huge motivation in your recovery. They also each show your progress in a new, special way.

No matter which milestone you're at, you should be proud of yourself for engaging with recovery.

For more help and advice about sober living and addiction recovery, you can have a look at our other posts. To get some AA medallions to celebrate recovery, check out our store.