10 Ideas for the Perfect Alcohol Recovery Gift

It can be tough to find thoughtful gifts for loved ones at the best of times.

But it can be extra challenging when your loved one is recovering from alcoholism. It's common for people to be so concerned about giving a present that doesn't trigger relapse that they freeze and do nothing.

This is especially true if you want to give your loved one something to acknowledge their recovery and all they've overcome. Giving a recovery gift is a beautiful gesture.

So, instead of shying away from giving a gift to celebrate a recovery milestone, embrace the opportunity. The key is to remain thoughtful of what helps your loved one manage stress.

To get you on the right track, here are 10 ideas for recovery gifts.

1. Whimsical Mug

Does your loved one like a little chuckle with their morning coffee or evening hot chocolate? Consider giving them a mug imprinted with a whimsical saying or cartoon.

Some people like to laugh at their own situation so the mug could be a nod to their recovery. Maybe it says "Sober is sexy" or "Let's keep the recovery going."

But if a direct reference isn't their style, try something supportive but generic. Like "Never, never, never give up" or "Let your soul shine."

If you find a great recovery quote that's too long for a mug, you can get them a T-shirt!

2. Tea or Coffee Gift Packs

Another beverage-related recovery gift is a box set of gourmet coffee or teas. These are great for recipients to have on hand. In moments of stress, it makes it easier for them to take a moment to make a cup of tea or coffee and regroup.

Delicious teas and coffees are also nice for sharing, especially during challenging situations.

You can find coffee and tea gift packs in stores and online. They often come in attractive boxes or tins, giving the recipient a lovely keepsake.

3. Yoga Classes

Does your loved one struggle to maintain focus on their goals or want to feel better about themselves? Yoga could be the right gift.

Buy a trial pass or set of classes at a studio near their home or office. If they aren't already aware of the health benefits of yoga, consider including a small information card with the gift.

4. Statement Accessory

Does your loved one like jewelry? If so, consider giving them a statement accessory.

It can be a ring, bracelet or necklace. Generally, it's something that the person can wear and see throughout the day.

What makes it a "statement" accessory? It's the meaning behind it that makes it a statement piece. It's not part of an ensemble. It stands alone.

Some people prefer that only they know the significance of the jewelry. Yet, to others, it looks like an ordinary piece. Still, let the recipient know why you chose it. The meaning intensifies when it's shared.

Others like jewelry that is clearly connected to their recovery. Bracelets and rings are most popular among women. For men, you can also get accessory items like tie pins and money clips.

5. Music

Do you want to give the gift of stress relief? Music is a great stress reliever.

Whether you give your loved one iTune credits, a CD, or make them a playlist, your recovery gift is something they can return to time and again.

The only thing to consider is what kind of music will help release stress. Some people like to dance. Others prefer to sit quietly to experience the music.

If you're unsure, try giving music made from sounds of nature or that would be used during spa treatments.

6. Books

Should a book as recovery gift be fiction or non-fiction? The answer depends on what the recipient needs most to support their recovery.

Some people benefit non-fiction books that give them hope, guidance, or comfort. The most popular kinds of non-fiction books are memoir and self-help.

Yet, there are people who prefer fiction. Novels, short story collections, and graphic novels can be excellent ways to explore sensitive human behaviors and relationships. Or, they can be straight up entertaining, which is also valuable.

The best part about giving a book as recovery gift? The recipient can return to it again and again during difficult moments.

7. Movies

Like books, movies can convey real or fictional stories. They can instruct and inform or simply entertain. The best ones do all that.

You can give passes for a local cinema, credits for their favorite streaming service, or DVDs. In any case, it's easy for the recipient to watch the movies alone or with the company of their choice.

Viewing movies together can help people gain greater insight into each other's journey.

8. Gratitude Journal

Many people recovering from alcoholism know the benefits of gratitude.

Gratitude journals are a practical recovery gift. The act of writing down the things for which you're grateful can reframe attitudes and build inner strength.

Journals can be structured, giving the user a framework for recording thoughts.

But you can also give your loved one an attractive notebook with blank pages. Write a personal note of encouragement on the inside front cover to underscore your love and support.

9. Your Time

Sometimes the best gift a person can get is the gift of your time.

If your loved one has a hectic schedule, offer to help with a routine chore or special event. Be clear on how you can help and make it clear there are no strings attached.

Or, give them a handmade coupon for a few hours of hanging out together. It can be over a cup of coffee, on a shopping excursion, or on Wednesday night to help combat the stress of a busy week.

Be creative and genuine. When it comes from the heart, the value of this kind of recovery gift can last a lifetime.

10. Donation

Is there a program that changed the trajectory of your loved one's life for the better?

Consider making a financial contribution to that organization in honor of your loved one. This kind of gift can bring meaning to the honoree and help someone else's recovery.

Closing Thought on Finding the Right Recovery Gift

If it comes from the heart, it will be right.

The act of giving a recovery gift its true value. It's a way to show support for their recovery journey. It's a way to demonstrate your love for them.

Still not sure what kind of gift to give? Drop us a note. Our contact page also lists best sellers. Maybe that will spark more ideas.