10 Group Activities For Recovering Addicts

The number of deaths caused by alcoholic liver disease is more than 21,000 annually. The total number of deaths induced by alcohol is close to 35,000.

Facts like these make you wonder if alcohol is a friend or an enemy.

Fortunately, there is never too late to give up alcohol and one of the best ways to do that is through group activities for recovering addicts.

it’s always easier to remain sober when you’re accompanied by like-minded people who want to eliminate alcohol from their lives.

10 Group Activities For Recovering Addicts

Giving up alcohol is easy, remaining sober might take some work.

Part of the process is trying to resist cravings while finding other habits to occupy your mind and time with. For example, you should let yourself inspired by the following sober group activities and try them with your friends.

#1 - Jogging

This is one of the simplest and most efficient group activities for recovering addicts.

Going for a run with your friends helps you replace a bad habit (excessive alcohol usage) with a healthy one (exercising).

Jogging also makes your brain release endorphins which will instantly make you feel good!

#2 - Be Grateful

Counting your blessings also helps you stay motivated on your recovery path.

Make a habit to write down three things you’re grateful for each day. Do this together with your friends and you’ll learn to appreciate the good things in life!

#3 - Yoga

Yoga is another fun group activity you can practice.

On top of exercising your body and improving flexibility, yoga also speeds up the emotional healing process. Yoga is like a meditation and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Yoga is known for giving you mental clarity and balance as well, so you’re better prepared to resist alcohol cravings.

#4 - Cooking

Who doesn’t like good food?

Instead of eating out, you can plan a relaxing evening with your friends and cooking good food on your own.

Eating your favorite foods is one of the best ways to reward yourself for the progress you have made on your sobriety journey.

#5 - Volunteer For A Good Cause

This is by far one of the best addiction activities because it helps you focus on something positive and gets your mind away from alcohol.

You and your friends can visit nearby pet shelters and give a helping hand. For example, you can walk dogs, prepare their food or even adopt a puppy!

#6 - Dancing

This is another great form of exercise.

Take your friends to a dancing class in your town. Dancing doesn't only change your focus, but it also gives you the chance to meet new people.

#7 - Fishing

Fishing is a very relaxing activity.

While you wait for your luck to strike, you get the chance to listen to your thoughts and/or have pleasant conversations with your recovering friends.

#8 - Learn A New Language

If you want to do something productive, learning a new language would be ideal.

There are numerous courses online you can use for this purpose. You can also take your friends and visit a local language learning center.

#9 - Spend Time In Nature

Being outdoors in the middle of nature provides tremendous help for recovering addicts.

While you’re out in your favorite park, you can also have a picnic with your friends and enjoy each other’s company.

#10 - Watch A Movie

Whether you stay home with your friends and watch your favorite soaps on Netflix or you go to the cinema, this activity provides a good way to get rid of stress and remain on your sobriety path.

Do Something Today

These are just a few group activities for recovering addicts, but there are plenty of others. For example, here’s what you can do as a recovering addict during a Friday night out.