1 Month AA Tokens

The AA 1 Month Token

Blood red anodized aluminum is the color of choice for the 1 Month Alcoholics Anonymous Token, representative of the struggle through the first thirty days and nights of recovery this one month chip is a real accomplishment to a newly sober alcoholic. The first month of sobriety in AA is perhaps one of the most difficult times, AA acknowledges that suffering by handing out these wonderful 1 Month Medallions to those recovering people who fight through the first month. The first milestone in a lifetime of continuous sobriety the 30 day coin is a breath of fresh air and the first time some alcoholics feel they have hope. AA recognizes monthly anniversaries with aluminum medallions to give the recovering alcoholics a small memento with which to carry with them as a silent and humble reminder of their sober struggle. Nestled in the pocket of so many in sobriety is this unassuming coin, throughout the day we reach into our pockets and touch this, only to be reminded that we are staying sober a day at a time in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. At The Token Shop we carry 1 month AA Tokens from two great manufacturers, Wendells and Bright Star Press. Both have a similar design with the following features:
  • 1 Month prominently stamped in the center of the coin
  • Bright Red Anodized finish
  • The AA Triangle
  • The Three Pillars of Service featured on the front of the token
  • The words "To Thine Own Self be True"
  • The Serenity Prayer on the reverse
This red token will be carried with the recovering alcoholic for another 30 hard days of early sobriety before, once again, that magic mark is reached and the next token is rewarded.