Recovery Necklaces

The Token Shop wants to be your go to source for recovery necklaces. We offer a growing selection of sobriety jewelry which includes AA Phrases, The Serenity Prayer, and the AA Circle and Triangle. 
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Pink Enamel AA Necklace
$13.99  $10.99 Sale
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One Day At A Time Bar Necklace - Silver
$18.99  $16.99 Sale
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Amethyst Crystal Drop Necklace AA
$11.99  $11.49 Sale
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Serenity Courage & Wisdom Affirmation Necklace
$21.99  $19.99 Sale
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Sobriety Coin Ring Pendant
$15.99  $14.49 Sale
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Women Do Recover Heart Necklace
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Moon Dangle Charm Necklace Bronze Patina AA
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Tree of Life Serenity Prayer Hidden Window Necklace